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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to St Clair Shopping Centre

St Clair Shopping Centre recognises the trust you are placing in us through your dealings with us. We are committed to the protection of your personal information. Our policies comply with our obligations under the Australian Privacy Principles that form part of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and are intended to protect your privacy in respect of any personal information that you may provide to us.
When entering competitions at St Clair Shopping Centre, customers provide us with their contact details. St Clair Shopping Centre collects these details to contact competition winners, and to inform customers about upcoming St Clair Shopping Centre events, activities and promotions.
Also when customers register for our Rewards Program customers provide us with their contact details. St Clair Shopping Centre collects these details to inform customers about upcoming St Clair Shopping Centre events, activities and promotions.
St Clair Shopping Centre collects the following types of personal information from unincorporated retailers and guarantors during negotiations for, and during the term of, the lease/licence:

  • contact and insurance details;
  • ABNs;
  • information as to retailers' financial standing and retailing experience; and
  • other financial and trading information,

St Clair Shopping Centre deals with that information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.
St Clair Shopping Centre requires this personal information to evaluate whether the relevant centre owner should enter into a lease or licence with the retailer; to assist St Clair Shopping Centre in the management of their relationship; and to monitor the performance of the centre. Occasionally, the information may also be made available to others as required by law or to third parties in connection with any transactions involving the ownership of the centre.
If the retailer provides St Clair Shopping Centre with direct debit details, St Clair Shopping Centre will only disclose those details to St Clair Shopping Centre’s bank to facilitate the provision of that service.
Collection of your personal information
Personal information collected about individuals (as described above) may be collected by, or on behalf of, be used by and be disclosed to:

  • The owner of the St Clair Shopping Centre.

We refer to this entity in this policy as "us", "we", or “St Clair Shopping Centre ".

  • In relation to the information collected from customers when registering for our Rewards Program the St Clair Shopping Centre’s digital marketing agency for the purposes set out above.

Security of your personal information

All personal information collected by St Clair Shopping Centre is held securely, whether on St Clair Shopping Centre’s physical files or in St Clair Shopping Centre’s computer systems. This information is only made available to St Clair Shopping Centre staff on a 'need to know' basis for the purposes outlined above.
St Clair Shopping Centre reviews its security arrangements regularly, and implements improvements when necessary.

Access to and correction of your personal information

You have the right to access, update and correct your personal information held by us. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information is up-to-date, accurate and complete.
If you wish to access, update or correct your personal information held by us, please contact the centre management staff.

Changes to our privacy policy

This privacy policy relates to our current privacy standards.  We may vary our privacy policy from time to time. We will publish the latest policy from time to time on our website.

Further information on privacy legislation

If you would like further information relating to the Australian Privacy Legislation and the Australian Privacy Principles, please visit www.oaic.gov.au.
St Clair Shopping Centre Contact
Please contact the centre management staff if you believe:

  • Someone has gained access to your personal information by mistake;
  • We have breached our privacy obligations or your privacy rights in any way;
  • You would like to discuss any issues about our privacy policy.

You can contact St Clair Shopping Centre’s centre management staff on (ph) 02 9834 5318, via email at cm@stclairshoppingcentre.com.au or in writing to: Centre Manager, Centre Management Office, St Clair Shopping Centre, PO Box 209, St Clair, NSW, 2759.