Centre Information

St Clair Shopping Centre is a supermarket based shopping centre, providing services and specialty shops to the suburb of St Clair and surrounding areas.

If you would like to learn more about our leasing availability, please contact:

Adam Nahle of Rook Salinger on 0418 222 830 or e-mail adamn@rooksalinger.com


We also have casual leasing opportunities available for short term and mall leasing requirements.

For businesses / commercial bookings, please contact:

Specialty Mall Leasing on 1300 768 588 or specialtymallleasing@ap.jll.com

For charities / community bookings, please contact:

Centre Management on 02 9834 5318 or admin@stclairshoppingcentre.com.au

Website: www.specialtymallleasing.com/

155 Bennett Road St Clair   Telephone: 02 9834 5318